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Threat detection & response has never been more important

  • Attackers are more motivated and better equipped
  • Your attack surface is growing (cloud, containers, IIoT, more exploitable vulnerabilities…)
  • The attack frequency is increasing
  • Unknown and advanced threats are more difficult to detect
  • Branch-related costs are soaring
  • Compliance requirements are growing (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, CCPA…)
  • Execs and boards are demanding it
  • The faster you detect it, the quicker you can respond
Reliable, effective threat detection and response is hard.

Traditional Alternatives Fall Short

SOCs that are highly effective cost an average of $3.5 million versus $1.96 million if the SOC has very low effectiveness.

(The Economics of Security Operations Centers: What is the True Cost for Effective Results?” Ponemon Institute, 2020)
MDR / XDR Providers
Building a SOC
  • Broad range of services offered
  • Predictable monthly billing
  • Sends too many alerts that you need to investigate
  • Aren't good at detecting unknown threats
  • Required fixed, long-term contracts
  • Provide limited visibility into the threat investigation and response process
MDR / XDR Providers
  • May provide reliable, 24/7 Monitoring
  • May address the skills gap
  • Rely on a narrow set of data sources... and you know there are other critical threat vectors
  • Require vendor-specific security products, and you're not prepared to change
  • Lack co-management or other features, like a SIEM
Building a SOC
  • Ideal if you have stringent regulatory compliance requirements and privacy policies
  • Complex and time-consuming to build and certify (SOC 2, Type II)
  • Difficult to staff and manage
  • Tools are lacking / not integrated
  • Very expensive to operate an effective SOC

SOC-as-a-Service Solutions for MSPs and MSSPs

For service providers that need to deliver high-value SOC-as-a-Service, Cysiv provides a cloud-native, multi-tenant platform, delivered as-a-service, backed by security, threat and data experts, with optional 24/7 monitoring.

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