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Powering Cysiv’s Cloud SOC: Google Cloud Insights Interview with CTO Justin Foster

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At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cysiv, like many other businesses, was forced to go fully remote overnight. In response, we accelerated our digital transformation, fully moving our 24/7 security operations over to Google Cloud. This allowed us to maintain global network connectivity, round-the-clock customer service, and competitive pricing for our clients with our cloud-native SOC. The result has been a huge increase in demand, with clients looking to optimize their security monitoring on a convenient, predictable basis

“SOC, we realized, isn’t really a place, it doesn’t have to have a physical center when you have the right type of platform for it.” — Justin Foster, CTO, Cysiv

Our world-class architect, Dan Smith, chose Google Cloud for a number of reasons, including connectivity, Kubernetes advancements, regions, and pricing. But one of the driving factors was Google’s commitment to open source, which is truly unprecedented. We are honored to be a part of Google Cloud’s co-sell program and working with the team at Google has been a top-notch experience, with ready access to subject matter experts to solve our client needs. 

“We’ve seen an instant uptake in co-operation, working on customer accounts together, solving customer needs on the Google Cloud by pairing world class Google cloud services with SOC-as-a-service so they really have that security buttoned up.” — Justin Foster, CTO, Cysiv

In this interview with Google’s Jim Anderson for the Google Cloud Insights series, Cysiv CTO Justin Foster had the opportunity to explain why we chose Google as the backbone for our SOC-as-a-Service operations. 

Listen to Justin explain:

  • Why we chose Google Cloud to power our business
  • What’s on the Google Cloud roadmap for Cysiv
  • His advice for CTO’s considering partnering with Google Cloud
  • The benefits of the Google co-sell program

Connect with Justin Foster or Jim Anderson on LinkedIn for more Google Cloud Platform Insights.