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The Key to Building a Successful Business: UpTech Interview Part 2 with Cysiv CEO Partha Panda

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In Part 2 of this interview, Cysiv CEO Partha Panda continues his conversation with UpTech Report, taking us through his exciting career in business and cybersecurity.


Partha started out at a tech startup in the 90s, moved into the business world and earned his MBA, and most recently co-founded and launched Cysiv. Along the way, Partha has learned numerous lessons that he openly shares in the interview. His number one advice for business leaders? Being customer-centric and putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is the essence and key of building a successful business. “I’ve seen it work magic over the years,” Partha said.

Partha also discussed three essentials for scaling your company, tips for growing as a leader, and the tech innovations he predicts we will see heading into the next 5-10 years.

Interested in hearing more? Listen to Part 1 on “Delivering Cybersecurity from the Cloud.”