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How to Secure Your Google Cloud Environment with SOC-as-a-Service

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With so many companies rapidly adopting Google Cloud, it’s critical to ensure that cyber attacks don’t cause damaging service disruptions or data theft. But detecting and responding across the IT environment, including multi-cloud, is complex and expensive. Cysiv makes it easy by solving all these problems as an on-demand service for Google Cloud and other environments. 

“Providing 24/7 cybersecurity has become a major challenge of time to value, costs and complexity of the tools, and volume of the data.”

In this 3 minute video, I explain how our next-generation SIEM platform finds threats, supported by experts in our 24/7 security operations center. For example, if a cloud user creates something insecure, such as an insecure firewall configuration or console access without multifactor authentication, we detect and triage the threat immediately, not having to wait for a scanner.  

“We take telemetry from a wide set of sources, then provide the platform, and critically the expertise, needed to detect and address modern threats.” 

I also highlight a more complex example: SSH has been left open for remote administration and an attacker is using a tool to crack the password. Cysiv Command sees these excessive authentications and a triage process is started to remediate this threat. Cysiv:

  • Takes real-time telemetry from across your cloud environment
  • Investigates and remediates threats 24/7
  • Develops threat detection rules aimed at Google cloud environments
  • Monitors other environments including data centers, Your Campus, and SaaS products

Cysiv is easy to set up and doesn’t require anything to be added to your environment. There’s more information about how we can help your business stay secure in the cloud here.