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Why 24/7 Threat Monitoring Is in Reach: UpTech Interview Part 1 with Cysiv CEO Partha Panda

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Cyberattacks were already escalating, both in severity and number, and then came 2020. From ransomware attacks targeting healthcare to the security challenges of a distributed workforce to one of the most severe cyberattacks in history, it seems like it’s another doom-and-gloom year for cybersecurity teams around the world.

Organizations of all sizes need defenses and expertise that allow them to monitor for threats day and night. A 24/7 security operations center (SOC) provides this level of monitoring, but because a true SOC implementation tends to be very complex and expensive, it’s out of reach for many companies. How can organizations overcome what’s holding them back from 24/7 monitoring and response? 

“A lot of companies are investing a lot of money in cybersecurity tools. But the effectiveness of cybersecurity tools  depends on whether they’re configured properly, and how well they are being monitored ” — Partha Panda, CEO Cysiv

In Part 1 of this interview with UpTech Report, Cysiv CEO Partha Panda had the opportunity to explain how Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service provides an avenue for organizations to gain an end-to-end detection and response solution designed to account for today’s SOC challenges. 

“Cysiv saw an opportunity to democratize the concept of SIEM and SOC and threat hunting for most companies out there,” Partha said. “There’s an opportunity where everyone can get access to it.”

Listen to the interview to hear Partha explain:

  • How Cysiv got its start
  • How organizations can achieve 24/7 detection and response
  • Tips for CIOs or CISOs starting their SOC journey

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of the interview, where Partha discusses “Securing the Future.”