Make your dream cybersecurity a reality  

Evolving at the Speed of Light

Cybersecurity requires the right expertise, intel and tools.  Staying ahead seems like a distant reality. But by offering 24x7x365 security monitoring and management of critical security services, Cysiv has now shortened the distance between dream and reality.

Cysiv provides 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and management for:

Flexible cybersecurity that fits your needs

Level 1: Monitoring

Cysiv monitors security events, logs, and event data from your critical infrastructure, along with contextual information, to accurately identify potential issues that should be addressed. We then alert you with our suggested corrective actions and you take it from there.  

Level 2: Monitoring and Management

In addition to monitoring, Cysiv takes pre-approved actions, including managing security product patches, updates, and fine-tuning policies on your behalf, to ensure issues are accurately and efficiently addressed.

Professional Services

In support of our monitoring and management services, Cysiv offers:

Digital forensics and incident response (IR) services
Cysiv’s incident response specialists go on-site to help investigate breaches, prioritize threats, conduct remediation, investigate derivative threats, and perform root cause analysis and damage assessments.

Product deployment
We will install, configure, and integrate Cysiv-supported product stacks into your environment, including products you’ve already purchased, but not yet deployed. We can also replace or modify existing security controls.

Let’s discuss which services will best meet your needs