Take Cybersecuity to the Next Level

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service enhances and extends the capabilities and operations of an existing cybersecurity team.

Faster detection and remediation

Take advantage of the combined power and efficiency of data science, machine learning, automation, and threat intel with human intelligence, experience, and intuition.

This dramatically reduces the mean time to detect suspicious activity and the time spent investigating false positives, providing more time to respond and take preventative measures or other actions.

Lower cyber risk

Cysiv improves your overall security posture and maturity across the entire “prevent, detect and respond” continuum. And because Cysiv operates as an extension of your team adding significant personal interaction and knowledge-sharing, Cysiv helps further enhance your team’s cyber capacity.

Cost reduction

Eliminate the costs and complexity related to building, staffing, and operating a 24/7 SOC, and you only pay for the services and licenses consumed last month, with no capital expenditures or up-front technology licensing costs.

Other savings may result from reduced downtime, consolidation of security controls and related licensing costs, reduced spending on SIEM, improved productivity, and optimized infrastructure.

Cysiv also reduces the probability of incurring legal fees, regulatory fines, customer service costs, and potential brand damage associated with a successful attack.

Enhanced business agility and scalability

Quickly scale your security operations to support growth, whether you’re adding employees, cloud workloads, new business units or acquisitions, or investing in IIoT.

All of this can be done without the cost and difficulty of adding security experts or changing your cyber-risk profile. Cysiv also frees up time for your security team to focus on high-value strategic initiatives or other priorities.

Better leverage of existing investments

We help ensure you take full advantage of the security investments you’ve already made by incorporating our deep product knowledge and expertise, particularly in deploying, fine-tuning, and managing Trend Micro solutions.

Greater visibility, reporting and compliance

Cysiv makes sure the necessary controls are properly implemented. We provide dashboards, reports, and log retention and retrieval to help streamline, simplify, and improve the compliance process.

Let’s discuss what Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service can do for you.