Proactive Threat Defense

Threat detection, proactive hunting, investigation, and remediation

Disrupt stealthy attacks before they become
mega breaches

Cysiv will monitor your environment for threats, investigate and triage them, and do proactive threat hunting. We then recommend the appropriate actions for you to take, or we can remediate the threats directly. 

Cysiv combines all the critical ingredients necessary to deliver an effective, superior service.

Next-gen SIEM

Cysiv has developed its own advanced, multi-tenant next-gen SIEM. This unique and powerful cloud-native platform combines a number of essential technologies and functions to automate, accelerate, and improve the process of finding and prioritizing threats that warrant deeper human investigation.

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Enterprise Telemetry:

Logs, data, and other telemetry from as many relevant sources as possible—security controls, infrastructure, including cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud platform), applications, and other contextual data sources—are first normalized to facilitate correlations, reduce false positives, help highlight false negatives, and improve the confidence in detections triaged for further investigation. Cysiv is vendor-agnostic and ingests telemetry from a large number of sources and vendors.

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Enrichment Data

To further improve correlations, reduce false positives, and help highlight false negatives and suspicious and malicious activity, the telemetry is additionally enriched with threat intel, vulnerability assessments, asset inventories, Active Directory, and other critical information.

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Data Science & Automation

Cysiv has developed and rigorously applies a broad range of data science techniques and technologies to automate, accelerate, and improve the process of finding and prioritizing threats.

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Our certified experts—including security analysts and engineers, threat hunters and researchers, data scientists and engineers, and incident response experts—are directly accessible to you and operate as a virtual extension of your security team, collaborating as necessary to further ensure timely, superior detection and protection.

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Let’s discuss what Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service can do for you.