Lure, trap, and detect attacks


Our Deception service stands guard inside your network, using high-interaction deception and decoy technology, to lure attackers into engaging and revealing themselves. Through the misdirection of the attacker, organizations gain the advantage of time to detect, analyze, and stop an attacker.




Active defense

Lure attackers into revealing themselves as soon as they start looking or moving laterally across your organization

Faster detection

Reduce attack detection time by accurately identifying infected clients

Better protection

Stop APTs and BOTs through real-time notification

Attack insights

Catalog all attack activity to better understand the anatomy and objective of an attack

Zero-day attack protection

Catch zero-day attacks without depending on known signatures

Rapid execution

Utilize automated attack, malware, and phishing analysis as well as credential-based vulnerability assessments

How it works

Accurate threat analysis

The Deception service uses technology that is deployed on real Windows® and Linux® operations systems and full network services to appear as authentic production assets and create attractive targets for attackers. To help security analysts investigate, gather evidence, and analyze malware, an attack analysis engine conducts a multi-dimensional correlation of the events on the decoy engagement servers. This process accurately identifies and attributes malicious activities to the source of the attack. Sandboxing is used to analyze malicious binary submissions or websites.

Offensive security posture

Using 3rd party technology, we deploy effective network, endpoint, and data deceptions to detect threats from all vectors. Cysiv correlates system, application, and security event data from computers, computer networks and the above technologies. This allows us to provide the enhanced detection information needed to investigate malicious activity, and the forensic output to aid in investigation or remediation.

We monitor everything and ensure that all deception and decoy technologies are optimized for an offensive security posture.

Deception Diagram

Flexible options

Consumption-based pricing
Take advantage of our unique consumption-based pricing, and choose the service that best fit your needs.

Level 1: Monitoring Service
Includes critical monitoring services and response recommendations.

Level 2: Monitoring and Management Service
Provides all of the benefits of monitoring, and includes authorized measures taken on your behalf.

Additional Professional Services
In support of monitoring and management agreements, we offer digital forensics and incident response, and product deployment services.