The right defense for your critical infrastructure


Our Hybrid Cloud Security service provides you with automated, multi-layered protection for physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments. You get optimal protection for virtual machines in AWS, VMware®, Microsoft® Azure™, and other cloud platforms. Using the market-leading Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ platform, combined with Cysiv enhancements, our Hybrid Cloud Security service ensures you have server-grade defense for your critical infrastructure.




Complete visibility and control

Secures physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments with central visibility and control

Full protection

Provides the most complete set of security capabilities available

Beyond next-gen

Protects your environment with a cross-generational set of security controls optimized for the hybrid cloud

Integrated security

Enables security to be easily baked into your CI/CD pipeline with API-first tools and resources

Reduces complexity

Reduces the number of security tools needed to protect your hybrid cloud environment and meet compliance requirements

Reduces operational cost

Automates security to remove manual processes and reduce operational cost

How it works

Layered defense

This service provides in-depth defense by utilizing a combination of network, system, and file security measures. These compensating controls are either provided via a virtual security appliance on VMware NSX or a single unified security agent.

Cysiv deploys and configures the optimal protection for each workload, using a recommendation scan that detects software vulnerabilities. Layered security is then enabled, as appropriate, to protect against a broad range of threats.

Optimal security

Next, we actively block both known and unknown threats and combine information provided by the security controls with environment information to provide enhanced detection and root cause analysis.

Backed by our team of experts, we ensure your protection is optimally applied and monitored for security incidents.

Hybrid Cloud Security Service

Flexible options

Consumption-based pricing
Take advantage of our unique consumption-based pricing, and choose the service that best fit your needs.

Level 1: Monitoring Service
Includes critical monitoring services and response recommendations.

Level 2: Monitoring and Management Service
Provides all of the benefits of monitoring, and includes authorized measures taken on your behalf.

Additional Professional Services
In support of monitoring and management agreements, we offer digital forensics and incident response, and product deployment services.