Best of breed


Cysiv’s Network IPS service delivers best-of-breed intrusion prevention to protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities at wire speed anywhere on your network.

You get industry-leading coverage across different threat vectors from advanced threats, exploits, zero-day attacks, malware, and phishing with high accuracy and high performance. Using the Trend Micro™ TippingPoint® Threat Protection System, we optimize your security posture with agile and automated protection that fits your dynamic, evolving enterprise and data center networks.




Stops potential threats

Reduces security blind spots created by encrypted traffic with on-box, inbound SSL inspection

Real-time protection

Detects and mitigates threats in real time with advanced capabilities like machine learning

Global threat information & analysis

Provides cutting-edge threat analysis, security filters, and information to protect against all potential attacks

Deep inspection

Inspects and blocks all directions of traffic (inbound, outbound, and lateral) with minimal network impact or latency

Unprecedented performance

Protects high-capacity networks with real-time in-line inspection throughput scalable up to 120 Gbps

Exclusive vulnerability information

Protects you from undisclosed and zero-day threats, through the Zero Day Initiative

How it works

Multiple technologies

The Network IPS service uses a combination of technologies, including deep packet inspection, threat reputation, URL reputation, SSL inspection, and advanced malware analysis on a flow-by-flow basis—to detect and prevent attacks on the network.

Cysiv correlates system, application, and security event data from computers and computer networks to threat intelligence using analytics to detect high-fidelity cybersecurity threats. Our team of security experts provide incident management to investigate, contain, and remediate network attacks.

Proactive network security

Cysiv performs all of the monitoring functions, as well as ensures your Network IPS functions as designed, and is continuously and efficiently updated and configured for maximum protection. The Network IPS service achieves a new level of in-line, real-time protection, providing proactive network security that is monitored 24x7x365.

Network IPS

Flexible options

Consumption-based pricing
Take advantage of our unique consumption-based pricing, and choose the service that best fit your needs.

Level 1: Monitoring Service
Includes critical monitoring services and response recommendations.

Level 2: Monitoring and Management Service
Provides all of the benefits of monitoring, and includes authorized measures taken on your behalf.

Additional Professional Services
In support of monitoring and management agreements, we offer digital forensics and incident response, and product deployment services.