#1-rated breach detection


Cysiv’s Advanced Threat Detection service provides 360-degree monitoring of your organization’s network, both at the perimeter and inside.  We use the #1-rated breach detection solution with its custom sandbox analysis server to enhance malware detection capabilities.

Using Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer appliances, we defend your organization against targeted attacks, APTs, and advanced malware that evade standard network defenses.




Advanced detection

Detects ransomware, zero-day exploits, malware, and attacker behavior using advanced detection techniques

Maximizes your investment

Extends the value of security products – endpoint and workload protection, web and email gateways, network security – by submitting suspicious objects for custom sandbox analysis

Complete visibility

Monitors all inbound, outbound, and lateral network traffic across physical and virtual network segments, all network ports, and more than 100 network protocols

Stops threats

Detects and blocks previously unknown threats through IOC sharing across your connected security products

How it works

Improved detection rates

The Advanced Threat Detection service leverages file, web, IP, mobile application reputation, heuristic analysis, advanced threat scanning, custom sandbox analyst, and correlated threat intelligence detection techniques. It then uses virtual images, tuned to precisely match your organization’s system configurations, drivers, installed applications, and language versions. The result – improved detection rate of advanced threats and ransomware designed to evade standard virtual images.

Optimal performance

Cysiv correlates system, application, and security event data from computers, computer networks, and the Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery Inspector appliance with threat intelligence. This is accomplished through advanced analytics to detect IOCs and the impact of an infection in your environment, promote the sharing of IOCs, and help you detect advanced threats faster.

Cysiv’s team of security experts provide incident management to investigate, contain, and remediate breaches or malware attacks if they occur.  We monitor everything and ensure that your Deep Discovery Inspector and Analyzer appliances are fine-tuned and patched for optimal performance.

Advanced Threat Detection

Flexible options

Consumption-based pricing
Take advantage of our unique consumption-based pricing, and choose the service that best fit your needs.

Level 1: Monitoring Service
Includes critical monitoring services and response recommendations.

Level 2: Monitoring and Management Service
Provides all of the benefits of monitoring, and includes authorized measures taken on your behalf.

Additional Professional Services
In support of monitoring and management agreements, we offer digital forensics and incident response, and product deployment services.