Why CySiv

Extend and elevate your security

Frustrated Trying to Keep Cybercriminals out of Your Business?

Attackers are getting more persistent and sophisticated, while you’re struggling with alert fatigue, skills shortage, product complexity, and rising costs. So, what is the answer? Cysiv.

Experience the advantages of an elite cybersecurity team

Cysiv combines everything you need – deep, specialized expertise, unmatched cyber intel, and a comprehensive, proven technology stack.

Never compromise on security…

With the massive growth in cybercrime, and the consequences of a high-profile data breach, you cannot afford to compromise on security. And yet, many enterprises simply don’t have enough expertise, or the right processes, intel, or security technology properly deployed, integrated, monitored and managed to provide adequate protection. Cysiv can help.

Break free

Cysiv offers a broad range of advanced managed security services: security with no capital expenditures and no long-term fixed contracts. You pay a single monthly amount for the security services you consume based on the types, quantity, and level of services combined with the volume of log collection and storage. 

Let’s discuss what Cysiv can do for you.