Enterprise Telemetry

Comprehensive enterprise telemetry accelerates and improves threat detection

Looking at security logs is important – but it’s not enough. A tremendous amount of valuable contextual information can be derived from other data sets. That’s why Cysiv ingests, leverages, and provides cloud-scale storage for a broad range of data sources. The more data we have, the better we’re able to make important correlations, reduce false positives, help highlight false negatives, and improve our ability to investigate detections.

Our vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic approach:


Cysiv leverages data from:

Security controls

Data generated by security infrastructure and tools including: Network IPS/IDS / Firewall / Endpoint protection platform / Server, workload, and container security / Web proxy / Email security.

Infrastructure, monitoring and authentication

Data used to augment security control data sources, rich endpoint (server, desktop, laptop, and workstation), and user activity data, including end-user, network and cloud-level telemetry.

Enrichment sources

Identity, asset vulnerability, and threat intelligence data that illuminates security context and impact during an investigation, including: Active Directory (AD) object properties and LDAP / Asset inventory and classification / Configuration and patch management / Indicators of Compromise (IOC).


Data generated by mission-critical applications running on servers, including: Database / ERP / CRM / APIs.

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