Cysiv gives you access to highly specialized cyber experts

Take advantage of the critical skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to complement an enterprise security team without the associated recruitment, management and retention, challenges, or salary and related costs.

Cysiv experts work alongside your team, collaborating and sharing knowledge, to better protect your organization.

Security Analysts

Certified analysts monitor customer environments 24/7 via Cysiv’s next-gen SIEM platform. They investigate suspicious activities and possible threats, triage those that warrant further investigation, resolve incidents, make containment recommendations, and adhere to SLAs.

Security Engineers

Our experienced product experts help to deploy and integrate appropriate security products into your infrastructure. They also monitor product health, conduct configuration reviews, investigate false positives, make security recommendations, manage changes, and conduct best practices reviews. Because Cysiv is a Trend Micro company, its team has deep, specialized product knowledge and experience to better ensure your Trend Micro deployments are configured, updated and operating effectively.

Threat Hunters

Cysiv threat hunters are a key part of the security operations team. They proactively anticipate, detect, disrupt and eradicate threat actors from customer networks using data and forensic analysis, threat intelligence, and cutting-edge security technologies. They continuously improve processes and work with customers to resolve issues, provide additional information, and answer questions related to incidents and monitoring.

Threat Researchers

Our intel team collects and processes threat intelligence, does reverse engineering and malware analysis, damage assessment and reporting, root cause analysis, and campaign and actor tracking. Their work is often shared with customers through alerts, bulletins, and reports.

Data Scientists

This team is integral to the success of our threat-monitoring and hunting services. They help with data acquisition and enrichment, developing and refining use cases through detection techniques (signatures, behaviors, statistics, and algorithms). They also constantly fine-tune rules to further minimize false positives and improve efficiency.

Data Engineers

Responsible for building and deploying data pipelines to ingest structured and unstructured data and enable correlation, threat detection and ML capabilities. They’re also in charge of deploying the infrastructure required for optimal collection, transformation, and the forwarding of data from a wide variety of sources.

Incident Response (IR)

Cysiv IR specialists take on triage investigations, help prioritize threats, conduct remediation, investigate derivative threats, pass intelligence on to the intel team, and assist with root cause analysis and damage assessment.

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