Security Expertise

Elite cybersecurity experts on your side

Cysiv Arms You with Highly Specialized, Complementary Experts

Expecting a security professional to be versed in every core area of cyber defense is simply not feasible and would result in employee burnout. And unfortunately, many organizations have difficulty attracting and retaining in-house cybersecurity teams.

With Cysiv, you have a team of experts focused on every aspect of your cyber defense.

Product Deployment and Integration

Our highly experienced product experts will help to architect, implement, and integrate our technology stack into your overall security infrastructure.

Security Engineering

The team’s engineers are responsible for monitoring product health, configuration reviews, investigating false positives, making security recommendations, change management, and conducting best practices reviews.

Incident Response

Our IR specialists will triage investigations, prioritize threats and conduct remediation, investigate derivative threats, pass intelligence on to the Intel team, and assist with root cause analysis and damage assessment.


Our experienced Intel team will collect and process threat intelligence for reverse engineering and malware analysis, damage assessment and reporting, root cause analysis, and campaign and actor tracking.

Threat Hunting

The team will engage in pro-active targeting and the incident response cycle for developed cases, customer-driven use cases, custom targeting, investigating emerging threats, conducting exploratory data analysis (EDA), and onboarding new log sources.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists provide the essential foundation for all activities of the Security Engineering, Incident Response, Intel, and Hunting teams. They ensure all data sources are ingested and normalized to a common model, creating indicator and detection rules.

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