Enrichment Data

Adding essential context with enrichment data

The speed and effectiveness of detecting threats are greatly improved when the telemetry is enriched with additional data, which provides essential context and helps to further reduce false positives, highlight false negatives, and prioritize the incidents for further investigation. Cysiv enriches its analyses with data from a number of essential sources, including:

Actionable threat intel

Knowing what to look for is critical to threat detection and hunting strategies. Cysiv threat intelligence is built on Trend Micro’s solid foundation from 30+ years of knowledge and expertise. This is augmented with up-to-the-minute actionable threat intel curated from dozens of the best sources worldwide, Cysiv’s own intel, and community-supplied anonymized intel through its IOC-sharing platform.

This intel is leveraged throughout the threat-monitoring, hunting, and investigation process, and by managed security controls that more quickly and reliably identify known and unknown threats, advanced malware attacks, malicious attacks, and other IOCs—before they impact your organization.

Smart Protection Network

Delivers proactive global threat intelligence against zero-hour threats to ensure that you are always protected. We use our up-to-the-second threat intelligence to immediately stamp out attacks before they can harm you. Hundreds of millions of sensors across the globe.

Expert research

Extensive global investigation of the latest malware, targeted attacks, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Operational Technology (OT) threats, cybercriminal undergrounds, and future threats.

Protection against known and zero-day exploits

Trend Micro Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI), the world’s leading source of vulnerability information, and additional Trend Micro vulnerability sources ensure you automatically have the fastest protection against the most zero-day and N-day vulnerabilities.

Exploit protection

Trend Micro uses one of the top sources of exploit data. This information helps to further ensure you are protected from the latest exploits.

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