Cyber Intel

Complete the picture of your cybersecurity 

Are You Missing Something?

Knowing what to look for is critical in any security strategy. Built on Trend Micro’s 30 years of knowledge and expertise, our global cyber intelligence gives you the complete picture.

With our extensive set of intelligence sources, you are always in the know and will have greater confidence in your security. 

Threat Intelligence

Through Trend Micro, Cysiv has access to extensive global research on the latest cyber threats plus. Cysiv also accesses over 60 public and paid sources of threat intel. Together, this enables better security decisions.


We leverage Trend Micro’s Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI), the world’s leading source of vulnerability information, along with additional vulnerability sources, ensuring you automatically have the fastest protection against zero-day and N-day vulnerabilities.


Cysiv’s relationship with Trend Micro also gives us access to one of the top sources of exploit data, helping to further ensure you are protected from the latest exploits.

Indicators of Compromise

To further ensure a proactive defense, we share anonymized indicators of compromise (IOCs) in local systems. This practice helps us to better identify and act upon the threat priorities that are automatically shared in a network of opted-in Cysiv customers.

Contextual Logs

Cysiv leverages not just logs and incidents from security controls, but correlates these with infrastructure logs to better identify real threats.

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