Narrow and deep is better than wide and shallow

When it comes to managing the security controls that protect your endpoints, network, data center and cloud workloads, Cysiv believes it’s far better to have deep product knowledge and experience with a narrower set of market-leading solutions than it is to have some knowledge of a wide range of solutions.

If you have already deployed one or more Cysiv-supported security solutions or are open to transitioning your current controls to a Cysiv-supported solution, Cysiv can provide a range of managed security services for this product stack, including deployment, integration, and monitoring and managing the health and configuration of the controls.

This is done as part of a broader SOC-as-a-Service offering that also includes proactive threat defense (threat detection, investigation, hunting, and remediation). Cysiv continues to assess other products to be offered as part of its managed product stack, and only adds them once it has the product knowledge and expertise required to deliver superior customer service.

Managed Product Stack Managed Product Stack Managed Product Stack

By standardizing on a small number of market-leading solutions from Trend Micro and others, Cysiv security engineers and deployment specialists have deeper product knowledge and can respond more effectively to issues that may arise, enabling customers to realize these key benefits:

Managed Product Stack Managed Product Stack Managed Product Stack


Customers have the confidence of knowing their endpoints, networks, or hybrid cloud environments are protected by products that are widely regarded by analysts, customers, and industry experts as being superior at detecting, blocking, and preventing the latest threats. And they have the confidence of knowing the products deployed are property configured for their environment, with the right protection modules activated and the latest rules and filters applied.


It’s not uncommon for organizations to have overlapping security controls and multiple agents. But a single-vendor security stack with better integrated products can help ensure a simpler, more cost-effective security posture.


By consolidating vendors and security controls that may be redundant, organizations can often realize system performance improvements. In addition, because of their deep product knowledge, Cysiv experts are better able to maximize the performance of the products through fine-tuning and configuration adjustments.

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