Engineered to make you decisively secure 

Elite Experts. Exceptional Technology.

To fully protect your organization, we knew it would be essential to back our elite team of experts with the exceptional technology, which forms the foundation of our services.

Cysiv™ Command

This advanced security operations and analytics platform is the core of our services. Powerful and data science-driven, it allows you to co-manage or monitor your security alongside our Cysiv experts.

Cysiv™ Connector

Receives a broad range of logs those from security products, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, CloudTrail and VPC Flow Logs, which are then filtered, normalized, and sent to Cysiv Command for further analysis to detect attacks in your environment.

Security Solutions

To give you complete security and visibility across your environments, our services include pre-integrated technology stacks with industry-leading security products from Trend Micro and other third-party vendors.

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