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How We Help

Cyber Security & Risk

Broader, Faster Threat Detection and Response

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service improves your 24/7 resilience to cyberattacks and data theft and enables you to better manage cyber risk. Specifically, Cysiv offers comprehensive threat coverage and dramatically reduces the mean time to detect suspicious activity and the time wasted on false positives, providing more time—for our experts or yours—to respond and take preventative measures or other actions.

We do this by pulling in essential telemetry and data and by combining the power and efficiency of data science, machine learning, automation, and comprehensive threat intel with human intelligence, experience, and intuition.

Leverage existing security investments

We help ensure you take full advantage of the security investments you’ve already made. We leverage the data your tools generate into a rigorous threat detection process and incorporate our deep product knowledge and expertise, particularly with respect to deploying, fine-tuning, and managing solutions from recommended vendors.


Lower cyber risk

We improve your overall security posture and maturity across the entire “prevent, detect, and respond” continuum. And because we operate as an extension of your team, providing significant personal interaction and knowledge-sharing, we help further enhance your cyber knowledge and capacity.