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Enable Your Organization to Scale

The past year’s events have highlighted the importance of being able to quickly adapt and respond to new challenges, whether it’s working from home or dealing with a dramatic increase or decrease in sales. And as we come out of the pandemic, there will be new business opportunities too, whether its customer acquisition, market expansion, or M&A opportunities. 

Security can’t be a barrier to any of these. Your security operation needs to be the “brakes on your organizational car”: it doesn’t stop it. It enables it to go faster — without adding cost. Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service helps your business respond to new opportunities and grow without worrying about the related security risks or costs.

How Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service Supports this Mandate and Outcome


Cyisv’s cloud-native SaaS platform can be accessed via a browser, from anywhere. Nothing is on your premises, so it doesn’t matter where your team is located, they all remotely login to participate in the threat investigation and response process.


If you’re thinking of acquiring a new business, you shouldn’t have to worry about which AV solution they're running or which applications. But you can be sure your CISO cares. Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service is vendor-agnostic and can ingest and leverage telemetry and other contextual data from any source to improve security.


Through the power of automation (data science), Cyisv’s cloud-native SOC-as-a-Service platform can readily support a rapid increase in traffic, and more data, use cases, or business units without additional licensing, headcount, infrastructure, or costs.


It’s our responsibility to provide the security, threat, and data experts needed to protect your business, not yours. Our certified professionals work across customer engagements, leveraging their collective expertise and sharing insights. And when we need to expand the team, that’s up to us.

Consumption-based monthly billing

You only pay for the services consumed in the previous month. If you add or reduce employees, or your server/cloud workload count increases or decreases, that’s reflected in your bill.

Ultimately, Cysiv helps free up time for your security team to spend on planning, training, strategy, audit and compliance, and other high-value priorities.