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Cybersecurity Resilience

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service Makes Your Business More Resilient to:

Cyber Attacks


Extreme weather events

Natural disasters

New entrants / digital disruptions

How Cysiv Delivers Cyber Resilience

Cloud-based service with fewer disruptions

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service operates from the cloud. The platform that enables us to deliver this essential security service, and all of the supporting infrastructure, is cloud-based.  As such, it provides better resiliency with fewer service disruptions from natural disasters or extreme weather events than an on-premise SIEM solution or other SOC tools. New features, fixes, and patches are automatically and continuously delivered without interruption. And it provides instantaneous and massive scalability to support growth without additional software costs or delays.

Distributed and remote workforce support

Because it’s cloud-native, your team logs into the platform from the office, home, or on the road to collaboratively manage incidents and response among themselves alongside Cysiv experts through the co-managed platform.

Broader, faster threat detection and response

Cysiv reduces the probability of a successful, disruptive cyberattack. Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service provides comprehensive threat coverage, dramatically reduces the mean time to detect suspicious activity, including ransomware and data theft, and the time wasted on false positives, providing more time—for our experts, and yours—to respond and take preventative measures or other actions.

Skilled cyber experts

Staffing, managing, and retaining a team with the deep cyber skills needed to detect and respond to advanced threats, 24/7, is difficult and expensive. Our SOC-as-a-Service experts work alongside you and your team, augmenting it with critical skills, knowledge, and expertise, and 24/7 coverage, but without the associated recruitment, management, and retention challenges or salary and related costs. We have the scale to support your growing needs and to respond to whatever may threaten to disrupt your cyber security.

Dynamic rules and use cases

Our data scientists and threat hunters continuously update the analytics engine of Cysiv Command with new rules and use cases and can create custom use cases for your organization. This ensures the best possible proactive protection from new, disruptive threats.

Cost reduction

Ensuring the resilience of your organization can be an expensive undertaking. SOC-as-a-Service provides an opportunity to reduce costs, and shift valuable resources to other resilience-related priorities and initiatives that will help better ensure your survival and ability to compete against new entrants.

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