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Cyber Skills Shortage

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service Addresses Common Cyber Staffing Challenges

24/7 Coverage
Skills Shortages
Alert Fatigue and Burnout
24/7 Coverage


9-to-5 security is relatively straightforward. But now it’s more important than ever to be monitoring and investigating threats 24/7. Depending on the size of your business, that will require about 7-12 analysts. Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service is an alternative:

  • It provides 24/7 coverage that ensures around-the-clock coverage.
  • It can be your SOC, or it can complement your existing SOC, augmenting it with complementary skills and knowledge and acting as a second set of eyes. 
  • It detects and responds to threats with our experts working alongside your team. 
  • It integrates with your case management tools.


How many staff would you need to handle 24/7 monitoring? Read our white paper to find out.

Skills Shortages
Skills Shortages


It can be all but impossible to hire the breadth and quality of talent required to tackle your 24/7 threat detection and response challenge. 

  • We have assembled a team of experts with a broad and complementary set of critical skills and knowledge.
  • Our team includes data scientists and engineers, security analysts and engineers, threat hunters and researchers, and incident responders, all working together to ensure you’ve got the best possible security operation. 
  • Cysiv experts work alongside your team, augmenting it with critical skills, knowledge and expertise, and 24/7 coverage, but without the associated recruitment, management and retention challenges, or salary and related costs.
  • Our experts allow you and your team to focus more energy on other priorities.

Alert Fatigue and Burnout


Your analysts are drowning in alerts and false positives and are at risk of missing critical signals of an attack or an impending breach. 

  • Cysiv’s SOC-as-a-Service platform automates and improves the time-consuming, complex but critical processes for truly effective threat detection, hunting, investigation and response. 
  • Cysiv security analysts and incident response experts use the platform to monitor your security, investigate these critical incidents, and collaborate with your team, to ensure effective and timely response.
  • Using our co-managed SaaS platform Cysiv experts further weed out all the noise, and collaborate with your analysts to focus on a much smaller set of high fidelity incidents that truly warrant closer human investigation. No burnout. And no turnover. Problem solved.

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