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Operational Efficiency

Cysiv improves the efficiency of your security operations, and your ability to detect and respond to threats, while helping to reduce costs

Cybersecurity can take up more of your budget than you’d like. Especially in these challenging times. You can’t afford a breach, but you can’t afford to build, staff, or operate a proper security operations center.

Cost Savings

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service gives you all the benefits of having your own 24/7 security operations center, without the costs of building, staffing, and operating one. These can be significant: labor alone will cost $1.5 to $3.2 million per year, depending on the size of your business. You’d also have to add costs related to facilities, software and hardware, training and certification. Cysiv eliminates all of these costs by providing them as a service.


Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service Provides Additional Savings Related to:

Improved analyst productivity

Because the Cysiv platform automates and improves the time-consuming, complex but critical processes for truly effective threat detection, hunting, investigation, and response, your analysts will only have to focus on the threats that truly warrant closer investigation. Because they’ll be a lot more productive, you can grow your business without having to add analysts. 

Consolidation of security controls

If you’re spending money on security tool licenses (SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, Threat Intel Platform) or hardware to run any of it on, you can stop. Cysiv’s next-gen SIEM platform provides an integrated set of capabilities, making these other tools redundant.

Fewer disruptions

Cysiv’s cloud-native platform provides better resiliency with fewer service disruptions than an on-premise SIEM solution or other SOC tools. New features are automatically and continuously delivered without interruption, and it provides instantaneous and massive scalability to support growth without additional software costs or delays.

Breach-related savings

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service also reduces the probability of a successful attack. This means a lower probability of paying for IT, investigation, legal fees, penalties and fines, notifications, call center, and service costs (redress and reparation costs), and brand damage.

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