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SOC-as-a-Service for MSPs and MSSPs

Cysiv empowers MSPs and MSSPs to quickly deliver high-value SOC-as-a-Service to a broad range of customers without the time, cost, and complexity of deploying, integrating, learning, and operating multiple solutions. Outsourcing the security operations center also removes the need to build and operate a SOC, if you don’t have one, or adding headcount, if you’re short-staffed. 

The Cysiv platform, experts and optional 24/7 monitoring enable you to deliver broad reaching SOC-as-a-Service or advanced managed security services, as well as more targeted offerings like MDR or managed SIEM.

Key Advantages for MSPs & MSSPs

The Cysiv cloud-native, multi-tenant platform is uniquely well-suited for MSPs and MSSPs to deliver SOC-as-a-Service to customers. The key advantages of supporting multiple customers from the Cysiv platform are:


Cysiv allows you to develop and apply a common set of playbooks, runbooks, use cases, and other standard processes across all customers. This means you’re not “re-inventing the wheel” with every new customer.

Efficiency & Savings

Cysiv saves you time and money because it’s simple to use and manage, with no software licenses to manage, and no DevOps. Our use of data science and automation enables analysts to manage more clients. And Cysiv reduces your training requirements by consolidating multiple security tools into a single unified solution.

Shared Knowledge

Because they’re all using the same platform, your analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters will be able to readily share insights gained from working with different customers. By sharing and applying this knowledge to multiple customers, you’ll improve the security posture of your clients, and their overall satisfaction.


Through Cysiv Command, you’re able to give your customers direct access and visibility into the threat detection, investigation, and response process, which helps improve transparency, confidence, participation, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Complementary Products and Services

Because SOC-as-a-Service is a CISO-level purchase, it provides a foundation for you to sell complementary products and services, including cloud migration, security product licenses, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, security awareness training, compliance management, and management of third-party security products.

Business Benefits of Partnering with Cysiv


Higher Revenue

  • Customer growth

    The scalability of the Cysiv platform, its rich and expanding feature-set, breadth of telemetry supported, and certification enables you to confidently target and serve the broadest range of customers—all industries, company sizes, and use cases—with high value, specialized SOC services. This helps ensure scalable business growth.

  • Shorter sales cycles

    With its strong, clear value proposition, simple, transparent pricing, and consumption-based billing and with rapid provisioning—there’s nothing to install on-premise at the customer—Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service helps ensure short sales cycles, rapid onboarding, and quick time-to-revenue.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Cysiv’s rapid customer onboarding, faster detection, investigation, and response to threats, full co-managed access to the platform to run reports, track key metrics like MTTD, MTTR and interact with your team, and integration with your customer’s case management systems to track incidents, changes and other governance activities, means your customers will be more secure and more satisfied, resulting in increased revenue and reduced customer turnover.

  • Strategic relationships

    Because SOC-as-a-Service is bought by CISOs and CIOs, Cysiv enables you to form more strategic customer relationships, which better positions you as a trusted advisor and to sell additional security services.

  • Services upsell

    By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your analysts, or by taking on the primary responsibility for 24/7 monitoring of your customer’s security, Cysiv frees up your experts to focus on delivering other high-value and complementary services, such as threat hunting, risk assessment, and compliance management.

Lower Costs

  • SOC CapEx and OpEx

    Cysiv enables you to deliver high value services without the cost, complexity, or time required to build, staff, operate, and manage your own SOC, or to scale that operation if you already have a SOC, to better support customer growth.

  • Software, Hardware, and Training

    Because Cysiv combines a broad range of essential SOC technologies in a single, multi-tenant cloud-native platform, it is quick to learn and simple to use and manage, with no software licenses to manage, and lower training requirements.

  • Productivity

    Cysiv data science and automation improves the efficiency of the threat detection and investigation process, enabling fewer analysts to support more customers. Because it’s a SaaS, new features and functionality are delivered on a regular basis, without service disruption.

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