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Gartner® SOC Model Guide

"Selecting the appropriate security operation center model is challenging, choosing the wrong SOC model can lead to a poor security posture, increased risk, and overexerted security teams. Security and risk management leaders should use this guide to identify which model aligns to their needs."
Gartner SOC Model Guide
Strategic Planning Assumptions
"By 2025, 33% of organizations that currently have internal security functions will attempt and fail to build an effective internal SOC due to resource constraints, such as lack of budget, expertise and staffing."
"By 2025, 90% of SOCs in the G2000 will use a hybrid model by outsourcing at least 50% of the operational workload."
Gartner® report “SOC Model Guide”, 19 October 2021, John Collins, Mitchell Schneider, Pete Shoard
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