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Cyber Threats and Threat Actors Targeting Healthcare

ThreatReport_HealthcareOrganizations in the healthcare sector, including providers, payers, and pharmaceutical/life sciences organizations, are some of the most targeted and difficult to protect from a cybersecurity perspective because of their valuable, sensitive data and complex operations.

This threat report covers seven of the most common attack vectors targeting healthcare organizations and profiles of the threat actor groups and their preferred attack tactics.

  • Insider Threats
  • Spam and Phishing Attacks
  • Ransomware and Advanced Malware Attacks (e.g., Trojan, Spyware)
  • DDoS and Botnet Attacks
  • Supply Chain Attacks
  • Crypto-Mining and Crypto-Jacking Malware
  • Medical Device Attacks

The report is a sample of the threat research conducted by Cysiv and regularly made available to SOC-as-a-Service customers.

Download the report to learn about each of these healthcare cyber threats and attacks.

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