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SOC-as-a-Service Video Overview

Detecting and responding to cyber threats has never been more critical. No matter what your industry or organization’s size, there is a growing need to monitor your systems for potential threats – and have the capacity to respond quickly.

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Watch this video to learn how Cysiv puts you back in control with a modern, cloud based approach to threat detection and response, with all the benefits of your own fully staffed 24/7 SOC, including: 

  • Proactive Threat Defense: threat detection, hunting, investigation and remediation 
  • Managed Security: Deploy, and monitor or manage various security controls

Why SOC-as-a-Service?

Right now, analysts are inundated with alerts and false positives and are struggling with too many security tools from different vendors with little integration of data or incident response. In addition to these issues, the cyber skills gap has made hiring necessary resources seem all but impossible.

Cysiv combines essential technologies into a single SaaS platform that ingests telemetry and data from dozens of sources and vendors. Our security analysts and incident response experts monitor for, and investigate critical incidents while collaborating with your team to ensure effective and timely response. 

The best part - our services are provided with simple consumption based billing, meaning you only pay for the services used. 

Learn what Cysiv Soc-as-a-Service can do for you.

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