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The Future of SOC, Today

A modern, 24/7 security operations center (SOC) has increasingly become essential to defending enterprises from threats – including ransomware, targeted attacks, encrypted attacks, IoT hacking, and insiders – that bypass existing security controls.

But the time, cost and expertise required to build, staff and operate a modern 24/7 SOC is beyond the means of most organizations.

And those that already have a SOC, or rely on an MSSP for these functions, are trying to figure out how to cost-effectively modernize it, to address common challenges including alert fatigue, an expanding IT environment (remote, cloud, IOT/OT, serverless…), skills shortage and the need to be able to operate remotely, because of the pandemic.

Thankfully, there’s a new approach that can address the needs of both types of enterprises. It’s called SOC-as-a-Service, or SOCaaS, and it’s different than traditional MSSP or MDR services.

In this 50-minute webinar for cyber security leaders, you will:

  • Learn why a SOC is an essential part of a security strategy
  • Discover why traditional SOC approaches are no longer sufficient
  • See how 24/7 SOCaaS built on a cloud-native next gen SIEM platform overcomes these challenges, and is the future for the SOC
  • Hear about the benefits of SOCaaS, for those that want to augment an existing SOC or don’t have a SOC.



Partha Panda

Partha Panda
CEO and Co-founder

Justin Foster

Justin Foster
CTO and Co-founder

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