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Faster Threat Detection and Response with Data Science and Next-Gen SIEM

FasterThreatDetectionFinding, triaging, and investigating cyberthreats has never been more time-consuming, difficult, or important for enterprises.

By taking a modern, data science-driven approach to threat detection, Cysiv makes it possible to quickly and efficiently filter a massive amount of essential security and other data down to a relatively small number of high-fidelity threats that truly warrant an analyst’s attention. As a result, fewer critical threats will get lost in the noise of false positives, alert fatigue disappears, and enterprises are more secure.

In the white paper you will learn about:

  • Cysiv’s unique approach to more quickly, effectively and efficiently detecting, hunting for and investigating cyber threats
  • Cysiv’s next-gen security information and event management (SIEM)–a security operations and analytics platform that automates and accelerates threat detection and response

Download this white paper to get a detailed description of Cysiv’s unique and advanced threat detection technology and process.

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