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Blue Team Services

Improve Your Defenses Against an Attack, Without Adding Headcount

Continuously assess your SOC defense systems, proactively improve them, quickly respond to a real or simulated attack, and ensure regulatory compliance with our Blue Team services.

Blue Team Assessments and Audits

Map out your organization’s security gaps and establish strategic and tactical plans to prioritize and address cyber risks, including those that may exist within new services being planned for launch.

Compromise Assessment

With a deep understanding of threat actors and the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), our security experts will:

  • Identify current and past attacker activity in your environment
  • Identify weaknesses in your security architecture, vulnerabilities, improper usage or policy violations, and system security misconfigurations
  • Provide you with short-term and long term recommendations for further strengthening your security posture and augmenting your security investments to address any identified shortcomings

Compliance Readiness & Assessment

By identifying compliance gaps and developing
and recommending internal policy changes and
standards, we ensure you're ready for each and every audit. Our services include:

  • Compliance Gap Assessment
  • Compliance Readiness Advisory Services (PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, SWIFT CSF)
  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Compliance Audits

IT Security Assessment

We focus on identifying vulnerabilities in the
configuration and setup of your network and IT
infrastructure components. Our assessment
provides you with a better understanding of the
security of your infrastructure components, as
well as actionable recommendations to mitigate
these risks.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We examine adversarial and accidental (insider/disclosure) threats and assess their likelihood of occurrence, and then validate your organization’s vulnerability to these threats and their potential impacts (technical, legal, financial, reputational, compliance).

Red Team / Blue Team Exercises

Attack, defend, and learn.

The Red Team plays the role of the attacker. The Blue Team is the defender. In these exercises, the Cysiv Red Team is tasked with testing the effectiveness of your security program and the ability of your internal security team (the Blue Team) to stop these simulated attacks.

Office workers with laptops conducting a desktop blue team exercise.


Improve your knowledge and expertise.

Cysiv complements its Blue Team services
with online training courses and certified,
instructor-led classroom-based training,

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • IT Security Essentials
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
Female office worker conducting blue team training at co-workers desk.

Benefits of Cysiv Blue Team Services

Prevent More Attacks

Identify and fix gaps that may exist in your current security posture to avoid damaging cyberattacks.

Proactively Hunt for Threats

Find the attackers who may already be in your network and take action to ensure they’re stopped.

Enhance Your Incident Response Plan

Quickly investigate cyber incidents and contain and remediate them so you can get back to business with a minimum of disruption and impact.

Faster Breach Remediation

Quickly investigate cyber incidents and thoroughly remediate things so you can get back to business with a minimum of disruption.

Stronger Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations by clearly understanding the requirements, identifying gaps that may exist, and implementing a plan that addresses them.

Why Cysiv

Assessments, audit, compliance, and other Blue Team services require deep expertise, objectivity, and time, which are often limited in security organizations. We relieve you of the challenge of staffing these essential functions by providing experienced professionals.


With over 600 applications tested in the Middle East, and having developed or operated multiple SOCs for some of the largest organizations in the region, we are widely recognized for our experience.

Middle East office workers in a boardroom presentation.


We have a deep bench of highly skilled certified security experts encompassing security architecture, penetration testing, threat hunting, and training and we are widely recognized for our vulnerability discoveries. Our team applies well-developed and proven methodologies, and has collaborated extensively for dozens of clients and hundreds of assessments.

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Complete & Integrated Service Offering

Only Cysiv can provide you with the full range of complementary security services in the Middle East and Africa, including:

  • SOC design, build, and operation
  • SOC-as-a-Service, as a modern
    alternative to a traditional physical SOC
  • Red Team Services
  • Blue Team Services
  • Red Team / Blue Team Exercises
  • Training

Who We Work With

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