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Banking & Financial Services

Strengthen Your Security and Compliance, Prevent Breaches, and Stay Ahead of Threats

Banks and financial services companies are expanding their operations and investing in AI, blockchain, mobile, cloud and other digital transformation initiatives to better meet client expectations. But they’re also faced with rising cybersecurity threats, specific to financial services, that can cause significant damage to profitability, client trust and their brand.

Cybercriminals and other threat actors know that a successful breach, data theft or ransomware attack can be highly profitable, especially in banking and financial services. As companies race to stay ahead of these threats, they must overcome a global cyber skills shortage while also ensuring they comply with complex and evolving regulatory requirements.

Is your security program up to the challenge?

Experts in Banking & Financial Services Cybersecurity

Cysiv has delivered essential cybersecurity solutions for the financial services industry in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) for over a decade. We have unique insights into the threats, vulnerabilities and operational challenges you face. As your trusted security partner, we can help you better manage cyber risk and keep sensitive data and applications safe while ensuring compliance. Our comprehensive and integrated services include:



Our modern approach to a security operations center (SOC) combines all the elements of a 24/7 SOC – people, processes and cloud-native next-gen SIEM technology – and delivers them as a service with simple, subscription-based monthly billing.


Managed SOC Services

A 24/7 SOC is increasingly considered an essential part of a comprehensive security strategy. But designing, building, and operating a truly effective SOC is complex, time-consuming and can be expensive. Outsourcing your SOC to Cysiv will quickly and cost-effectively relieve you of the challenge of building one, and staffing these essential functions while ensuring a more effective solution.

Blue Team Services: Compliance Readiness

Blue Team Services: Compliance Readiness

By proactively analyzing your security program, we identify gaps in your defenses before it's too late. Services include:

  • PCI-DSS Compliance Assessment
  • SWIFT CSF Compliance Assessment
  • Consolidated Remediation Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Awareness Program
  • Compliance Penetration Testing Package
  • Compliance Program

Red Team Services: Compliance Pen-Testing & Assessment

Red Team Services: Compliance Pen-Testing & Assessment

Our attack simulations put your systems under pressure to expose weaknesses in your security programs. Services include:

  • External Penetration Testing (PCI-DSS /
    SWIFT / CBE)
  • Cardholder Data Environment Internal Penetration Testing (PCI-DSS)
  • SWIFT Environment Penetration Test (SWIFT)
  • Internet & Mobile Banking Penetration Test (CBE)
  • Quarterly ASV Scans (PCI-DSS)

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