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Detect – Investigate – Hunt – Respond

Standard security controls like firewalls, anti-virus and IAM are essential, but aren’t 100% effective or reliable. Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service complements these, and helps further reduce the risk of a damaging data breach or service disruption, while ensuring compliance.

True Threats

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service detects and responds to threats that you need to be concerned about, including: 

Application Abuse

Network Scanning

Brute-force Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Command & Control Connection


Cloud Service Misconfigurations

Suspicious Behavior

Compliance Violations

Vulnerability Exploitation


Web Application Misconfiguration

Data Exfiltration

Web-Application Attacks

Insider Threats

Malware / Outbreaks

A Complete Solution. Fully Operational in Weeks.

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service combines the essential elements of a modern, 24/7 security operations center, and delivers them as a service, with simple, predictable and flexible subscription options and monthly billing.

Data: We get a complete and accurate view of threats cross your entire IT environment by leveraging the full detection value of telemetry and data from a broad range of important sources, not just endpoints.

Technology: Our cloud-native next-gen SIEM platform processes all this data to identify true threats that warrant deeper investigation, while weeding out more than 85% of false positives

People: Our team of experts then investigate these threats and escalate them to you, or take action on your behalf. Cysiv experts operate as a seamless, highly collaborative and directly accessible extension to your team.

What You Get


Full access to Cysiv Command

Log management and tiered data storage

31-day search / 365-day retention

Raw telemetry collection

Curated threat intelligence

24/7 Monitoring

Service health monitoring (data ingestion)

"Eyes-on-glass" security monitoring

Threat triage

Incident investigation by SOC analyst

Incident escalation (alert / notification)

Human-led threat hunting

Advanced behavioral detections (TTPs, anomalies)

Recommended remediations

Active Response: Disrupt & contain threats in real-time

Onboarding & Operations

Data onboarding and integration

Customized playbooks

Tailored runbooks and escalation procedures

"State-of-your-Service" reports & meetings

Client Profiles

Here are just some examples of clients that Cysiv is proud to be serving

High-growth and cloud-first companies


Grocery delivery service

Business Services

Scheduling platform


Global payments network

Companies that were frustrated with their SIEM, MSSP or MDR provider

Mining / Energy

Uranium & nuclear fuel

Water Treatment

Chemical / Manufacturing


Specialty vehicles

Large companies with well-established SOCs


Fortune 100


Software & technology

Distribution / Retail

Automotive parts

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