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Fast. Reliable. Scalable. Affordable.

Enterprise SOC-as-a-Service enables you to detect, investigate and respond to ransomware, malware, data theft, insider threats, spear phishing attacks, advanced persistent threats, business email compromise (BEC), and more.

Everything needed to protect your organization from advanced cyber threats

Cysiv combines all of the essential elements of a 24/7 Security Operations Center, and delivers them as a service:

Telemetry collection and storage provides security and other essential data from more vendors and sources to improve the threat detection and investigation process.


Cysiv's cloud-native, co-managed, next-gen SIEM combines essential SOC technologies and threat intel with data science and automation. Includes monitoring and management of selected security products.


Security, threat, IR, and data science professionals that complement and collaborate with your team. We ensure ongoing communications via Slack, Teams, email, phone, and case management tools.

24/7 Continuous Threat Monitoring

Threat detection and investigation, and human-led threat hunting enhanced by automation.

Threat Triage

Threat triage and case management that automatically synchronizes with your case management system.

Incident Management

Includes containment and remediation recommendations, and optional active response measures, backed by service level agreements (SLAs), runbooks and playbooks.

Simple, Predictable Pricing

Pay-as-you, and committed contract options


Cysiv provides all of the benefits of having your own world-class 24/7 SOC, but without the high costs, complexity and challenges that come with building, staffing and operating one.

Security & Risk

We monitor your IT environment 24/7 to detect, investigate and respond to threats, and can manage security devices, all while providing the benefits of Cysiv's co-managed, next-gen SIEM.


Cyber Skills & Staffing

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service addresses your skills shortage with experts that are part of the service, and that operate as a seamless extension to your IT/security team.


Disruption-Proof Business

Our cloud-based service makes your business more resilient to cyber-attacks and other disruptions.


Operational Efficiency

We enable you to realize the benefits of a 24/7 SOC, without the high costs, complexity or frustrations of building and operating one. We’ll improve your analyst productivity, and can save you some money in other ways.



We help enable you to meet the requirements of key regulations and standards by providing important security capabilities.


SOC Maturity

We enhance the maturity of your security operations with capabilities that are essential to a modern, proactive, automated SOC.



We enable you to better respond to new opportunities, and grow your business, without worrying whether cyber security might limit you.

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