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What We Do

Next-Gen SIEM Platform

Our cloud-native SaaS platform provides the foundation for SOC-as-a-Service.

Cysiv Command is our massively scalable, modern SOC platform. It is a next-gen SIEM that addresses the limitations and frustrations associated with traditional SIEMs and other products typically used in a SOC.

Platform Highlights

Cysiv’s cloud-native next gen SIEM has been purpose-built to accelerate and improve the threat detection, investigation, hunting, and response process, and rapidly deliver value.

It combines essential SOC technologies and functions into a single, unified SaaS platform to find true threats more quickly and effectively.

SIEM / Data Lake

  • Collects and normalizes events in real time from a broad range of security and infrastructure sources
  • Normalizes all formats to the common information model
  • Provides historical analysis, visualizations and tiered data storage that optimizes performance and cost
  • Massively scalable, purpose-built, indexed data lake with tiered data storage (hot, warm, and cold) and rapid full-text search.


See which of the 177 tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) you’ll be able to detect, based on your available telemetry and data sources.

  • Accelerates the onboarding process
  • Identifies potential blind spots that adversaries can exploit
  • Enables planning and prioritization of additional data sources

Threat Detection Engine

Automatically identifies potential threats, weeds out false positives, and ensures analysts focus on the most critical detections first, by applying an appropriate blend of detection techniques:

  • Cyber intel
  • Signatures and TTPs
  • User and entity behavior analysis
  • Statistics and outliers
  • Context-aware AI and ML

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

Orchestrates the SOC process from detection through investigation and response with built in case management, notifications and workflows.

Provides security automation through multiple enrichment sources, including IP geolocation, user and asset information, and correlation to multiple intelligence sources.


User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Behavior-based analytics are used to detect significant changes to behavior or anomalous activity for an entity.

Standard profiles and behaviors are built for users and hosts across time, and any activity that is anomalous to these standard baselines is triggered as suspicious.


Threat Intelligence Platform

IOCs from dozens of high-quality sources worldwide are classified, corroborated, and scored to provide finished intelligence that is leveraged across the threat detection, hunting, and investigation process.

Community threat exchange: Anonymized IOC data can also be shared amongst opt-in community members.


Dashboards & Compliance

Pre-configured and customizable dashboards provide key performance indicators relevant to a variety of roles, including analysts/IR, engineers, executives, SOC manager, and compliance/risk managers.

Telemetry retention satisfies compliance requirements.


Case Management

Provides workflow capabilities, tight integration, transparency, and seamless communication and collaboration during detection handling and incident management.

Based on the NIST Incident Response Life Cycle, it supports integrations with third party products including ServiceNow and RSA Archer.


Data Science and Automation

The Cysiv platform uses data science to more efficiently and effectively convert raw logs and data from a broad range of important sources into true threats: actionable, high-quality, high-confidence incidents that truly warrant deeper human investigation.

Data Residency & Our
Unified Global Architecture

The architecture of Cysiv’s SOC-as-a-Service platform enables you to cost-effectively meet data residency and compliance requirements, and better support regional security operations, by specifying which of 25 regions you’d like to have your logs stored in, while still being able to view and query them all at a global level.

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Benefits of being a cloud-native SIEM platform

No Software

No software to license, install, deploy or manage

No Hardware

No hardware to purchase, manage or maintain


Better resiliency with fewer service disruptions

Frequent Updates

Regular feature updates, without interruption


Instantaneous and massive scalability

Works Anywhere

Remote login and co-management

Cloud Native Architecture

Learn why a cloud-native architecture is critical for a modern SOC, and how Cysiv has…

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