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Why Cysiv

Cysiv vs. MSSP

Go Beyond Basic Managed Security Services

Cysiv’s advanced threat detection and response is a managed security service that complements traditional MSSP offerings such as move, add, change, delete (MACD) tasks across multiple security products, vulnerability scanning, security awareness training, compliance, and security engineering.

Common MSSP Frustrations & Limitations

Limited Detection & Response

24/7 monitoring for ransomware, advanced malware, insider threats, BEC and other threats

Low Fidelity Alerts

Send too many low fidelity alerts that you need to investigate

Lack of Expertise

Lack the expertise to detect and respond to advanced, unknown and evasive threats

Contract Lock-Ins

Require expensive, long-term contracts that limit your flexibility

High Costs

Require you to pay license costs for SIEM and other SOC-related security tools

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service Provides

24/7 Threat Monitoring

Continuous threat detection and investigation. Threat triage and case management automatically synchronizes with your system.

Incident Management

Includes containment and remediation recommendations that integrate with your workflows, backed by service level agreements (SLAs), runbooks, and playbooks.

Threat Hunting

Human-led threat hunting enhanced by automation.

Telemetry Collection and Storage

Security and other essential data from more vendors and sources improves the threat detection and investigation process.


Cloud-native, co-managed, next-gen SIEM combines essential SOC technologies and threat intel with data science and automation.


Security, threat, IR, and data science professionals that complement and collaborate with your team.


Ongoing communication between our experts and your team via Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, phone and case management tools.

Subscription-Based Monthly Billing

Simple, predictable and flexible options, without the constraints of a long-term contract.

7 Key Attributes of SOC-as-a-Service and How it Differs from Traditional Managed Security Services