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Why Cysiv

Cysiv vs. XDR

Go Beyond XDR

If you’re considering an XDR solution to your security operations challenge, you can think of Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service as “co-managed, open XDR, plus”. Here’s what we mean...

Cysiv Command, which is the foundation of our SOCaaS, is our own cloud-native XDR-like platform. It is only available as part of our SOC-as-a-Service.

Like XDR, the heart of Cysiv Command is an advanced analytics engine that correlates alerts from a broad range of data sources to create more accurate, higher fidelity detections. The key things that differentiate Cysiv from XDR solutions:

XDR Market Definition:

“Extended detection and response is a platform that integrates, correlates and contextualizes data and alerts from multiple security prevention, detection and response components. XDR is a cloud-delivered technology comprising multiple point solutions and advanced analytics to correlate alerts from multiple sources into incidents from weaker individual signals to create more accurate detections. It aims to reduce product sprawl, alert fatigue, integration challenges and operational expense, and will appeal in particular to security operations teams that have difficulty managing a best-of-breed solutions portfolio or getting value from a SIEM or SOAR solution.”

Gartner Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response, 8 November 2021, Craig Lawson, Peter Firstbrook, Paul Webber

Already Deployed an XDR?

Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service can still add value on top of an already deployed XDR. Here’s how:
Your existing XDR will aggregate and correlate data from the XDR vendor’s products. But what about the telemetry and data that it can’t support? These other data sources provide essential and valuable input to the threat detection, investigation, and response process.

Unlike MDR solutions, extended detection and response (XDR) products consolidate multiple security products into a cohesive security incident detection and response platform. They increase detection accuracy by correlating threat intelligence and signals across multiple security solutions. But, they do this just for the XDR vendors’ security products.

The Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service platform integrates with and leverages your XDR solution to ensure a better security outcome:

  • It complements XDR-based detections and investigations by correlating XDR findings with additional vital telemetry and data
  • This improves security operations productivity, and the speed and accuracy of detections
  • And it accelerates and improves the investigation and response process




Better Detection and Faster Response of True Threats

Detecting, investigating and responding to cyberthreats has never been more important or challenging for enterprises.