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Why Cysiv

Our Advantage

We’re uniquely able to deliver better detection and faster response of true threats because of our:

  1. Data centric approach

  2. Modern SOC platform

  3. Response-centric SOC model


Differentiator #1: Our Data-centric Approach

Signals of a threat are hidden in the data and telemetry pulsing through your IT/IoT/OT environment. Managing all that data, and making sense of it, is critical. But it’s not done well by most service providers. That’s what separates us from others.  Here’s how we do it:

Differentiator #2: Modern SOC platform

Cysiv has invested heavily in its own cloud-native next-gen SIEM platform, which has been purpose-built to accelerate and improve the threat detection, investigation, hunting, and response process.





Differentiator #3: Response-centric SOC Model

Traditional SOC models rely on a tiered approach (L1-L2-L3) analysts in which alerts are passed up to someone more senior, while losing valuable context along the way. This also results in slower response times to threats, as well as higher analyst turnover rates from frustration and burnout.

Cysiv’s blended team of experts collaborates directly with your team, and each other, to ensure the threat detection, investigation and response process is tuned to your specific needs and is continuously improving.

Our team includes data scientists, data engineers, threat researchers and hunters, security analysts and incident responders.

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